Entries by Denise


1995–2010: FLORAL PORTRAITS Treating each flower as an individual and creating it’s “portrait” explores the idea of capturing it at it’s most beautiful moment. When it’s bloom is at it’s biggest and brightest moment – caught right before it collapses and decays.

2000–2003: PASSAGES

2000–2003: PASSAGES This series of images was taken with vintage twin lens cameras from my collection. Printed as 17″ x 17″ silver gelatin prints.


1998–2004: OBSERVATIONS These images were taken with a variety of vintage medium format cameras. They represent small details from everyday surroundings, pieces of the day you may or may not remember seeing as you passed them by.

Artist Journals

These books are part sketch book, part journal, and part scrap paper. I jot down ideas, scribbles, to-do lists, meeting notes and sometimes phone numbers in them. They function as my un-magical pensive, a place to store my thoughts for later to make room in my head for new creative ideas that are flowing now. […]

2009–2011: FLORASCAPES

2009–2011: FLORASCAPES This body of work was an experiment to move away from the über controlled nature of my Floral Portrait series. By using paints and mediums that I had less control over, I was able to free up the rigidness of the work and allow the painting to take part in it’s own creation.